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Work related stress and mental health are the leading cause of lost working days. The World Health Organisation estimates at least one in ten employees suffer from mental health problems╣. Counselling in the workplace helps contribute to the culture of well being in your company, and is not only effective but cost effective. The service helps employees deal with personal problems, some of which my be affecting their performance or safety at work. Our Workplace Counselling Therapists work in conjunction with any existing EAP and Occupational Health department. Kent Counsellors offer Workplace Counselling to organisations of any size and with any number of employees, either on a contracted or ad-hoc basis.
╣ WHO (2000)

Reasons for Workplace Counselling (Friery 2006):

  • providing additional support.
  • duty of care.
  • support through major change.
  • help alleviate stress.
  • enhance welfare package.
  • support for Human Resources.
  • project organisations from litigation.
  • employee retention/loyalty.
  • address sickness/absence.

Why should you consider Workplace Counselling within your organisation? Research suggests:

  • "eighteen per cent of employees are affected by personal problems on the job - these personal problems can decrease their productivity by 25 per cent." (Masi, 1982)
  • "counselling interventions have been found, in the majority of studies that have examined this factor, to reduce sickness absence rates in clients by 25-50 per cent." (McLeod, 2001)
  • "twenty-eight per cent of problems identified by clients were work related. Of these, 62 per cent referred to difficulties in relationships at work." (Firth & Shapiro, 1986)
  • counselling contributed to "significant improvements on most attitude-to-work factors: opportunity for control, skill use, job demand, clarity, feeling valued, interpersonal contact, competence, work spill-over, adequacy of pay and job satisfaction." (Firth-Cozens & Hardy, 1992)

If you would like more information from Kent Counsellors about their Workplace Counselling service please contact us via our confidential enquiry form.