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"It made me look at things from a different perspective and think about the consequences/reward for saying and doing certain things. My counsellor is very easy to talk to - making you feel very comfortable and that you can say anything without the worry of being judged."

"Helped me to put things into perspective and learn to not worry so much about small things. I felt at ease with my counsellor so it becomes easy to talk about my problems.

"It has helped me reevaluate my life and start to take control to control my OCD."

"Helped to face day to day challenges, helped to feel better about myself, helped to not punish myself. My counsellor was very caring & supportive."

"I felt I was listened to and my opinions were valued. My counsellor gave me realistic targets and feedback."

"More confidence in myself and in social situations."

"Made me realise some of the negative beliefs I was holding on is about myself. I am more aware and therefore am more confident and better equipped to confront things. My counsellor was fantastic and really seemed to try to understand."

"Managed to deal with my paranoia sometimes and overcome issues from the past."

"I was able to look at my life and options, understand why Iím feeling the way I feel and I can do more about my life than I first thought."

"Helped me to see things in a different light."

"It has helped me to be able to express my feelings and not keep everything locked up inside."

"This service has helped me 100%."

"It helped me to get my thoughts together and make decisions that would help improve my wellbeing. I couldnít have asked for better help, my counsellor really understood what I was going through and helped me so much."

"My mindset has completely changed. I have learnt coping mechanisms to control my anxiety. I have also learnt to appreciate myself for who I am and to stop judging myself. My experience has been fantastic, it has been so much better than I ever expected!"

"It was liberating to discuss my problems."

"Helped me to rethink how people make me feel or how they let me feel."

"The counselling helped a great deal because Iíve never really been able to talk to anyone seriously about my issues. After at least 20 years of depression Iím finally starting to feel like me again. The counselling and medication have really helped me. Its wonderful that this service exists."

"The support I received helped me look back on the problematic issues with anxiety. I feel better equipped with the information I have learnt."

"It has given me the tools to help deal with how I feel and take each step at a time."

"It made me think."

"Learnt how to cope with things a lot better."

"I feel that I was lost and the support helped me to find myself and to understand that I am important. I would recommend this service to others as I found it very helpful."

"Helped me understand myself a bit more and believe in myself. I feel like I have a bit more control over my life."

"It has given me confidence and self-awareness. It was professional and I was impressed with the level of care and service I received, life changing."

"It helped greatly. The calm and welcoming atmosphere enabled me to talk openly."

"Clarity. Somebody impartial to talk to. Raises an awareness and makes me question things I take as fact. Counselling is much better than admin system!"

"I have learnt numerous techniques and practices to better help me cope with worries and anxiousness that was greatly affecting my daily life. I have my life back on track with a clear means to further improve on what I have already accomplished. I am happy that I decided to take counselling sessions with Kent Counsellors. The service I have received has exceeded my expectations."

"Talking has helped me get through most of my problems. I see life differently now and can cope with situations when needed."

"I now feel more confident about myself, I know how to handle situations better and that I need to take control more, the future is up to me!"

"I need to communicate my feelings more with the people I love."

"Gave me the ability to think about situations more logically and gave me time to think."

"I think it was good for calming situations and breaking down walls to get to my real issues."

"It helped me to change my behaviour so that I felt less depressed and anxious. Very pleased with the counselling and advice I have received, would recommend to anyone."

"I have become aware of certain aspects of my view and vocabulary towards myself. Highly recommend."

"Support helped me to go through issues both in my life and in my head, pick them apart, explain them, and get over them."

"The support helped me gain confidence to realise where my focus should be and how my irrational thoughts were just irrational thoughts. I now have tools to take away and use in everyday life, should I need them."

"To understand why I was feeling this way and how to deal with it."

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