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Welcome to Kent Counsellors, the network of independent professional practitioners joined as one unit to provide affordable, confidential counselling through difficult times to the people of Kent.

  • Kent Counsellors helped me hugely, the service was excellent and my therapist a great help.
  • I feel the support I've had has been essential to my mental wellbeing.
  • My counselling made me aware of my true anxieties and helped me focus on dealing with things in a more structured way.
  • I feel greatly improved, my counsellor was fantastic0. I would definitely recommend Kent Counsellors.
  • Counselling helped me understand my behaviour and how things affect me. It gave me the ability to take control so that I'm less stressed and better able to cope.
  • I wouldn't change a thing about Kent Counsellors, other than I wish I'd done this a long time ago.
  • My therapist was a wonderful person, very easy to talk to.
  • Counselling has really helped me look at situations more positively and understand my feelings.
  • My counsellor helped me gain confidence to move forward.
  • I feel more positive and calmer. I gained confidence and self-esteem and I am more able to deal with my personal emotional issues.
  • Kent Counsellors thoroughly exceeded my expectations.
  • Discussing my life issues helped greatly, I have a more positive outlook.
  • Kent Counsellors helped me gain perspective and become calmer and more confident.
  • I now have a proper overview of my life. I'm more positive and proactive. I am not so tired anymore!
  • I want to thank Kent Counsellors for everything. My sessions helped me work out my feelings and thoughts and find myself again.
  • Counselling helped me to identify and analyse my problems, break them down and deal with them effectively.
  • Therapy gave me guidance and understanding to assist me in improving my life and thinking.
  • Therapy enabled me to release all that was within me, for which I am grateful.
  • Counselling helped me rethink and evaluate my lifestyle.
  • Following my sessions with Kent Counsellors I found acceptance.
  • I look at problems in a different way now and feel confident to deal with them.
  • Counselling helped me know what my emotions mean and feel happier.
  • I have finally started to think about myself. I am beginning to make choices that suit me rather than everyone else.
  • Counselling helped me feel better within myself, my life and my future.
  • Kent Counsellors helped me gain insight about how to deal with my problems and learn how to talk openly.
  • Counselling helped with my thought processing and management of my feelings relating to bad situations I had over the past year.
  • Therapy helped me find answers to my questions of why things went wrong for me. I feel greatly improved.
  • The support helped me to learn new skills to reduce my anxiety.
  • Counselling helped me increase my awareness of possible ideas and skills to control my negative thoughts.
  • I think everyone should have counselling!
  • I now make better decisions, I'm more aware of thoughts and feelings and deal with situations better.
  • Kent Counsellors helped me separate and clarify my issues so I'm not so overwhelmed, I just wish I'd come sooner.
  • My confidence has grown and I now know how to deal with my irrational thoughts. I feel much better.
  • Counselling helped me realise what I want and gave me the strength to follow through with it.
  • Therapy helped me realise I am a strong person who unfortunately was made to feel inadequate.
  • Counselling helped me identify patterns in my thoughts and behaviour.
  • I wouldn't have changed a thing. my therapist was wonderful. Thank you.

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Counselling provides an opportunity to explore your issues, what's going on for you, in a non-judgemental and empathic setting. It offers time and space in a confidential environment in which you are empowered and enabled to talk about, think through, and manage your anguish.

Kent Counsellors - Free Initial AssessmentEvery Counsellor working with Kent Counsellors is trained to a minimum of Diploma Level and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). We operate a self referring, fee based service, with the aim of increasing the access to psychological therapies.

All general issues covered through face to face counselling sessions, telephone counselling, coaching, and informative workshops for adults, young people and employees in the workplace.

We are based in Broadstairs but also offer therapy in Ashford, Canterbury, Deal and Faversham.

Contact us for a Free Initial Assessment to discuss your individual needs.